Yandex, Russia’s largest Search Engine was in thorns when one of their employees safely sneaked out of office with their essence – Source Code and Search Algorithms. Ever since the news broke out Yandex is facing criticism for its inefficiency to protect the most important pillar stones of its existence. The incident alerted other companies to ensure security of their systems.

The police managed to track down the culprit, Dmitry Korobov, within less time. Later the company refused to reveal the staff position of Korobov and his personal details. It was informed that Korobov was trying to sell the Yandex Server details in the form of IP packages to his friend at electronics retailer, NIX, but later turned down the offer in search of better buyers. Korobov made a deal of $25,000 via darknet and hacker forums for the Source code which actually is worth $15 million. It is estimated that the man was planning to resign his position in order to start a new venture with this money.


The advertisements published in darknet forums caught the eye of Russian Federal Security Service and more things came to light on further enquiry. Korobov who got arrested within hours will face a two year suspension from Yandex; never to expect an appointment in any of the companies sooner.

As to the stated value of the Source code and Algorithms, that’s questionable. Other large Search companies, such as Google or Microsoft, wouldn’t go near it and would probably contact Yandex as good will gesture if they were. These events may possibly trigger the hackers out in country and other companies in hostile to each other. Korobov might have foreseen this future possibility while compromising on a low price and set out to act as a pioneer.

Among this hues and cries Yandex is supposed to think hard about the loop holes in Security systems. What exactly made it easier for a mere employee to walk off with Source code and Search Algorithms  without raising an eye of suspicion.