Even sky is not the limit for technology of today. Making this words come true, is the latest social trend of present generation, Whatsapp. It has gone now fully encrypted securing the conversation between its customers private. With the spy works ruling the nation, this step taken by the Facebook counterpart is surely a big leap nowadays.

With full end to end encryption, all your chats, group messages, photos, voice notes, videos and voice calls are protected from prying by a third party source. Even, the WhatsApp authorities cannot spy on its customers according to a Blog post.The new facility can be enjoyed by users across iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia S40, Nokia S60 and BlackBerry. Already, it has reached to around all its one billion users.

End-to-end encryption means a message sent by the sender can be decoded by its recipient only. None other than the two individuals involved in that particular communication can see it. In fact, the  Government officials, cyber criminals nor hackers wont be able to crack it.

WhatsApp also provides provisions for its customers to check the authenticity of the security. Here is how to do that: Navigate to your contact settings screen and tap on Encryption Button. This will open up a QR code. One can either scan their friend’s code, or have them scan their phone or compare the string of numbers appearing below the code.


WhatsApp has developed the measure in association with Open Whisper Systems. The company has already earlier been integrating its Signal Protocol tool into WhatsApp, around last year.The immediate reason for developing such a measure is the major controversy at Brazil,where a Facebook executive refused to hand over messages to police. He was arrested later and issue made a lot of hassle for the social app.

The latest version of WhatsApp is available on the Google Play Store, the Windows Store or iTunes. You can download from any of these App Store.  All the consumers who have updated to the latest version have this feature enabled. A message appears in their chat window explaining that all their messages and calls are fully encrypted.

It was only sometime before WhatsApp has integrated calling on the messaging App. Now the same has gone ahead ensuring our privacy. Who knows what will be the next?