Just imagine a situation where Robots manage Trash instead of us human beings. Yes, chances are that it’s going to be a reality very soon. The trademark company Volvo’s dream project ROAR (Robot based Autonomous Refuse handling) has reached its final stage.

ROAR envisages a system where robots collect trash from bins and dumps it back to garbage van. The project is under preliminary testing presently. The new form comes with a drone, which zooms from garbage caravan’s roof, helping the robots to really locate the trash cans. Earlier concept consisted of a robot relying on GPS and maps of the nearby region to know the likely positions of bins.


The company has organized the concept in collaboration with the students of three universities, namely – Chalmers University of Technology, Mälardalen University and Penn State University. Per-LageGötvall, the project manager for robot development in the Volvo Group says “This project is intended to stimulate our imagination, to test new concepts that may shape transport solutions of the future”.

This venture gives us an insight and a peek look into the future of a not so far automated world where the Man built Machine will slowly take over most of our manual labor.  Alan Kay once said the best way to predict future is to invent it.