On account of Women’s Day program, the international organisation – UNO published a statistical estimation of the number of working women in different fields. Going through the published report it is clear that Tech industry still retains its position for scarcity of women employees.

Among the Tech giants, eBay comes first with a highest percentage of women employees – 43% followed by the social media site, LinkedIn, with 42%. Online shopping platform Amazon managed to become third with 39% women participation of the total. Whereas Microsoft, Google and Apple were listed with very low percentage – 27%, 30% and 31% respectively.

It seems LinkedIn gives more attention to its women workers compared to other IT companies. The company has women in 30% of its leadership positions. eBay is second with 29% of women in leading posts and Apple has 28%. Here too Microsoft and Google are statistically behind with 17% and 22% of leading women. Twitter shares the same percentage as that of Google. Facebook has reportedly 23% of women as team leaders.


Those of who are interested in knowing further details on percentage ratios of female employees in Tech industry can go for a look at Charts in Statista.