Sweatcoin is an Iphone App launched in the UK and the US whose concept is to pay users to walk. The goal is to motivate them to exercise.

The world consists of two categories of people: On one hand, those like myself who like to play sports and on the other hand those for whom the slightest physical activity is a nightmare (Andrew).

In order to motivate the second category, the iOS Sweatcoin App might have found the perfect solution : Money ! And yes, the download is free but right now this app only available in the UK and the USA.


The idea is simple. Trips made by users are converted into foreign currency. These may be spent at different brands that Sweatcoin has partnerships with. It is thus possible to obtain, inter alia, yoga classes, iPhone or Uber rides. The application also offers the possibility to make donations to charities.

Of course, Sweatcoin uses GPS data to record movements, but also a speed measurement tool to ensure that users do not cheat by taking the car. The application seems to operates in the background so it can consume a lot of battery.

According to Forbes, the platform was a huge success since its launch in early August. Sweatcoin has indeed get over the ranking of the most downloaded applications from the UK App Store in just 48 hours.