Putting a new dimension to Virtual reality Samsung has unveiled the Entrim 4D, a device born out of an experimental design and creativity to capture the young generation users. Thus, with the ongoing SxSW  you can also experience a sense of motion during any  virtual reality stance.  Adding to the new offering Samsung company also has plans for two other major projects as well.

The amazing new Samsung Entrim 4D even though looks normal at the first sight like any other  over-the-ear headphone, it is built up in a way so as to send electrical signals that will mesmerize your brain making you feel a sense of motion. It is of course meant to be used along with the Gear VR.

Technically, the headset consists of  two electrodes on both of the sides, and it stands just below your ears like the eye glasses as they are modeled in such form. These electrodes will generate electric signals to a specific nerve in your ear when the headset is put on and you can experience a  sense of motion making your Virtual reality  experience nothing less than real life. Just Imagine the VR demo of yourself on a race track. With Entrim 4D, you are able to  feel the breeze blowing on your face and other runners racing beneath you.

The owners of this amazing product are hopeful that the new Samsung Entrim 4D would create a wave among the youth. At the same time, it could also help in removing the motion sickness some users feel during the VR demos.

In the distant future, Samsung company has two other projects about apps in lead. The Hum On is an app that lets you to  hum out a melody, and record it and play it back for you accompanying with piano sound and proper background music. Next app titled Waffle is a social drawing app, which is out there already, available on the Play store as a beta.

Still, there’s nothing much about the pros and cons of the device is known, lets wait together to experience the marvellous Samsung Entrim 4D.