Hats off to technical wizards! What more can one could ask for!!! If purchasing things and preparing food is a tough job and hence lazy bums opt for ordering food which is simple; the same process has turned all the more simpler and easier. The popular Pizza chain Domino’s has invented an app which automatically orders pizza when you open it. Gaining support from the Hatsune Miku fan club, Domino’s announced its new innovative plan in food ordering. With the aid of this app one can have his favorite food at home  ready with no more phone calls but by just opening the site and with “zero clicks.”

Even though the whole procedure seems easy, you have to complete a few steps for initiating the process. The user is supposed to download the app first and they are required to connect it to their New Domino’s profile. Choose the “Easy Order” option .  The customer can now order pizza by clicking opening the site and with no more further clicks.

If you want to cancel down your  order, the app also has a  ten-second countdown option. Still one has to be a little bit careful with the app because even an accident touch can pass the message and empty your wallet!

Over the past few days, New Domino’s has set option for ordering pizza for customers via technological advancements like Samsung’s Smart TV, Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri and  emoji on Twitter.It says that the app is introduced to avoid the least human contact required and to make the pizza ordering process carefree.

However, as everything has its own pros and cons, this case also is not unique. What is more ashamed to us than a mechanized count down app in-simulating us to do something?…Our current world is a highly automated and technological one.  More of electronics and less of humanity. Its high time we realize this and act wisely.