As per the recent information shared, the team Microsoft is planning to come up with their latest device which intends to compete with Apple TV to the core – a thinner and lighter version of Xbox One. The official webpage gives a clue about Xbox One Mini along with the predictions about hardware, software and cloud which they intent for 2016. The news which is still vague points to a lighter version of Xbox One to provide the Windows Store game like what was done earlier by Apple.

“News from the roots emphasizes Microsoft’s plans on a light- weight Xbox One specifically only for Windows Store games which would give a blow to Apple TV, still not identified if the plans have got discarded. The much discussed and debated device of the same mode and style had once got ceased halfway. If this device got through, it can be expected towards the latter half of the year with a much lower price value than Xbox One”


Presently, Xbox One is a device for games unlike entertainment ones. Whereas, the new Apple TV is better enhanced with all sorts of entertainments, games and also apps from Apps Store.

Microsoft presents Xbox One Mini to batter the best of betters among living room!


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