Since Apple introduced support for third party keyboards in its proprietary mobile operating system iOS, well known Android keyboard software developers like SwiftKey were involved in developing apps for iOS. Latest reports say that another tech giant too is interested in developing keyboard application for iOS: Microsoft!

According to The Verge, Microsoft recently sent an invitation to it’s beta program testing members who want to try out the new keyboard app.

It may sound like a bad move from Microsoft as these specific types of app – which would likely be free – will not bring significant revenue for the company. Integrating Bing with the app might help a little, but there are no updates regarding that.


Microsoft has great keyboard in it’s a mobile operating system which features great control over navigating through text. Both iOS and Android keyboards still need lots of improvements.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft brings the keyboard to Android as well. The company has been showing great interest towards developing apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

Public release dates are still not announced. Microsoft is fast at developing applications so the public release should be a matter of few months.


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