With Swiftkey, Microsoft has raised a new wave in the smart phone market.  Microsoft has discovered yet another way to capture the attention of the Android users, i.e., via apps. A number of apps have already been introduced in the android and iOS systems, the app Swiftkey being the latest.

Swiftkey has become extremely popular that every smart phone has this in its app purchases. It is a software key board for android and iOS devices. The app has already started trending and is installed in about 300 million devices. Microsoft is paying $250 million for purchasing Swiftkey, says The financial times. As per the reports, the deal will be officially announced later.

samsung_swift1Swiftkey in Android

In the present competitive world, the Microsoft Windows have got outdated, one has to say. But with the swift key Microsoft is adding another important application to its Appstore. Swiftkey will be made available with Microsoft’s software keyboard ‘Word Flow’ which is available on Windows Phone. It will be made available on android and iOS soon. Together, both these will enhance the quality of keyboard typing.

Swiftkey is popular for its artificial intelligence technology rather than as a key board app. using this technology, it will be able to predict the next word the user intends to type. Swiftkey keyboard has got its popularity after it became free in 2014.This allowed users to buy themes and other personalized contents. However, Swiftkey’s Android Launcher failed to gain much popularity.