The dream wish 2016 for Mark Zuckerberg is making himself another Tony Stark, the Iron Man.

The news to create an Artificial Intelligence was shared through his official Facebook page. He quoted it as his personal project intended to carry out his house chores and other day- to – activities smoothly and upto date.  Zukerberg specifically mentioned this doesn’t mean that AI is going to make it upto his office any sooner.

The master brain behind one of the popular and biggest social media platforms would like to define himself as a man of challenges. “I like to give myself a challenge every year and a theme for it. This year its going to be invention “he goes on. His wishlist starts from reading new books crossing vistas, develop interest in learning a different language to meeting new people and to interact and hang around. Zuckerberg has decided to invest time this year around some of best programming language developers for AI to take home.

Apart from giving instructions like switching on and off lights or volume corrections Zukerberg intends his AI to work on face recognition softwares for detecting people at doors and let them in, if a friend. He plans to extend the services of AI to office virtually visualizing data with an AI Oculus integration thus making it possible to polish the teamleader in him.

Expectations leap high for Zukerberg. He would like AI to be a caretaker cum nanny for his precious Max and let him and wife know when Max demands their attention. For this AI would first be exposed and taught to cater to the needs of baby Max. If things go well as expected, someday, AI may build a stage 3 Synth to better care the kids.

Zuckerberg himself admits the difference in work nature he finds within this project. Working on such big coding project is a “different kind of rewarding “for him. The makeshift from the social media scenario to the innovative and maiden AI project has stroke a code for the master craftsman of Facebook.


We have to wait and observe keenly to know whether this technology boomerangs or not.