John McAfee

It looks like watching a movie, where government officials appointing a private hacker to crack the secret code. This is what happened when John McAfee, a cyber security legend offered his help to decrypt the San Bernardino iPhone. McAfee will lead the other famous hackers to break the encryption on iPhone of San Bernardino killer.

Mr McAfee  made the offer to FBI to unlock the device for free.  “ It will take us three weeks” he claims. He adds “I would eat my shoe on the Neil Cavuto show if we could not break the encryption on the San Bernardino phone”.


He is quite disappointed that FBI is not hiring right persons in such issues and points out it as a reason of why the government, foremost FBI couldn’t solve the encryption code of the San Bernardino iPhone. Countries like China and Russia are taking up similar people with similar demands and have been for many years. He makes it clear it’s why Indians are decades behind in the cyber race.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the firm don’t want to co-operate introducing backdoor to iPhones, a method by which security services could access data on all encrypted devices. Mr.McAfee said he will be working with his team to help FBI solving the case and supports Apple’s decision of backdoor rejection to iPhones. He says it would pose a bigger risk toward public security and privacy, making iPhones vulnerable. He is hopeful that there should be some other methods to decrypt the phone other than backdoor strategy. McAfee believes that, with the introduction of backdoor for a product, will be the beginning of doom of the America.

Lets be hopeful that the government would strengthen its cyber security and puts a stopover to this dispute rolling some days.