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Like all other phones available in market iPhones too have manufacturer defects, but comparatively lesser than others. Earlier we discussed about certain common complaints found in iPhone 6S such as inefficient Bluetooth facility, poor battery capacity etc. Most frequently raised complaint about iPhone 6S is the overheating issue followed after usage of phone. If you are facing iPhone 6S overheating issues please go through the following instructions before searching for a solution in Apple Store.

Given below are 5 methods to solve the iPhone 6S overheating issue.

1. Battery Usage

Most often iPhone 6s overheating happens as a result of excessive battery consumption. Several things can lead to excessive battery usage. Most commonly an app running unnoticed at the background might be the villain. To confirm that move to Settings >General > Usage > Battery Usage

2. Restart your iPhone

A restart can always put a stop to iPhone 6s overheating problem. Here it goes. After pressing and holding the sleep/wake button the slider has to be dragged to turn off the phone. Once its done repeat pressing and holding the sleep/ wake button and switch on your phone. There can be some processes going on in the phone which utilize a lot of energy in battery. Such ongoing works can definitely make your iPhone hot. A single restart can smoothly put an end to such unnecessary troubles.

3. Upgrade iOS

Each updated iOS version fixes the inefficiency of the former. So an upgrade to newer version can give an answer to any problem of iPhone, if there is any. Hence a regular update of your phone is a must.

4. Reset the settings in iPhoneiPhone 6s overheating

If the above mentioned solutions did not make any change in overheating issue, a reset of all settings may workout in fixing the problem. The method will not cause any lose of saved data. This can be done by selecting Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings

5. Deletion of Contents

As a last resort you can erase contents in iPhone. For that data backup has to be performed first. Then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Contents and Settings. The process will be completed in a few minutes. Once its finished you can begin by setting the phone anew.