Despite the raging competitions among the various telecommunication companies in setting up new satellite towers and enlarging their broadband width, India stands lowest in the average Internet speed in Asia Pacific. Shocking data was highlighted by an internet report for the Akamai Technologies for Q4 of 2015.As per the report, the fastest average Internet  connection speed in the whole of Asia is grabbed by South Korea with a striking 26.7 Mbps. This is not the first time this honour have been bestowed up on the same nation.

Interestingly this has occurred at a period where a 23 percent rise in the entire global average speed was witness. India is currently possessing  an average speed of 2.8 Mbps. Even the 21.2 Mbps which is India’s fastest average connection speed would not reach near the aforesaid South Korea’s average broadband speed. This statistics shows the adverse condition of India’s broadband and makes it one of the poorest broadband service country globally.

Singapore bags the first position in the Asia Pacific having the fastest internet speed, 125.7 Mbps. Whereas China surprisingly has an average internet speed of 4.1 Mbps only. Still, almost 41 percent of its Internet-using population gets higher than 4 Mbps, in contrast to 17 percent citizens of India.

Our country is in 114th position in terms of average internet speed according to the global rankings. Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan follows the queue. However, Great Britain qualifies for the first place being the fastest with its 26.8 Mbps average in the mobile connection speed. Spain comes behind at second place with 14 Mbps.

Though there is a slight increase in variation in India’s average broadband internet speed seeing a 36 percent since Q4 2014, up from 2.06 Mbps, it is not satisfactory. No doubt, India has to awake actively from its cozy slumber to fulfill the growing requirements of generation ahead.