No doubt the remarkable Samsung Galaxy S7 is a best deal made by the Samsung Company. Still cases have been reported of devices failing occasionally out of various problems. Mainly the slow charging issue. The battery not charging up properly or the mobile not turning on after charging; such common issues can happen anytime. Here we give certain tips to tackle the slow charging problem and Fix Galaxy S7 in no time.

Fix Galaxy S7: Potential fixes for slow charging issue:

Fix Galaxy S7: Hardware troubleshooting

Overlooking the adapter of the phone is a common scenario for the users and that is the first hurdle to slow charging. With the ‘Quick Charge’ feature of the Samsung galaxy S7, the devices charges super fast compared to its peers. It even comes with an Add on notification which says ‘Fast Charging’ once you start charging the phone. If the message doesn’t pop up then the users need to understand there is a problem with the Power adapter and might need to change the same.

Another point to look at is the USB cable which might not be able to carry the desired amount of electricity from the power cable. You can try changing the USB cable and if you see a progress then it’s recommended to buy a new Samsung charging cable. If the issue still persists then read on to try the rest of the trouble shooting options.

If you feel both the Power adapter and the USB cable are working fine then do check the charging port to check for dust accumulation on it. This scenario might arise if the phone is used for quite some time and it’s a hindrance for charging. We can use a wooden toothpick to try to clean the port carefully. Getting rid of the dust might help to solve the charging issue.

Software Troubleshooting

In case there are no hardware issues either with the charging port or other components then the next step to move ahead in resolution of the issue is with the phones platform or the software its running on and here are few steps below which can be done

Fix Galaxy S7: Clear unnecessary Applications Running in the background

Background applications consume quite a bit of memory and contributes to sluggish performance and a higher power consumption and this a very common reason for your phone to charge slower. Clearing the same helps to add more space in the memory and hence result in better speed both in charging and performance. Below is a step by step procedure to Clear the Applications

  • Press and hold on the Home icon and release it when you see a list of recently used applications.


  • Go to the Task manager section and select ‘End all applications’
  • On the task manager, you can also see the ‘RAM’ Select that and clear the RAM memory.

Fix Galaxy S7: Uninstall any 3rd Party Applications

Third party applications always has its own pros and cons. If clearing the background apps did not work then most probably, there might be a software bug on your device. So it is always safe to uninstall all third party applications which do not come as an in-built app when you bought the phone.

Here’s how to do that. The phone needs to go to ‘Safe mode’ first. To enable this mode, restart the phone and when you can see the Samsung logo, press and hold the Volume down key till you see the ‘Safe mode’ message appear on the screen. Now in Safe mode, you can uninstall these apps by navigating to Menu> Settings> More> Application. Move  to the ‘Downloaded’ category and select the third party applications.Tap on ‘Uninstall’ button  and when prompted click on ‘Ok’. To release  ‘Safe Mode’ press and hold the power key and when prompted select ‘Restart’ and tap  ‘OK’ button.


Fix Galaxy S7: Performing a System Dump

If something goes wrong, usually it is suggested to erase all the contents on your phone. System Dump will help in such cases. It gives you an image of ROM installed on your product and helps in complete restoration of your data.  To perform this, do the following:

  • Type *#9900# in the phone dialer
  • A page will appear,  select ‘Low battery Dump’ on the bottom of the page
  • Select ‘Turn On’

These are some of our solutions in fixing up slow charging of your device. It can happen that your phone may not progress even after trying everyone of these.If such is the case, then please visit the nearby Samsung customer support or retail outlet.