Google is keen on publishing research papers every year. There are hundreds of such papers covering everything from algorithms to education. People are looking forward to an upcoming project set to be presented later this month and it can be the best AI assistant you ever had.

Users complain about certain issues when trying to use something like Google Now. Some commands only work when you are connected to the web.

To resolve this problem the Google Research team has started working on a new personalized system for voice commands, as well as dictation. Without taking up too much room on your handset, it will work on your device rather than being dealt with server – side.

The team, by applying a number of computational and compression models, has come up with a remarkable local voice system that runs on an average seven times faster than real- time on a Nexus 5. It takes up just 20.3 MB of storage.

The new version, like Google Now voice commands can handle proper names and other device- specific information for tasks- like sending an email to a contact. Instructions can be logged, stored and dealt with when you are back online if necessary.

Google plans to present the findings at the 41st International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing , which is happening from March 20 at Shanghai.