Flash is going to lose another important source of income from Google : the Ads. Flash had also lost YouTube recently.

Google plans to move its entire marketing and advertising network from Flash to HTML 5, by the end of this year. Google Display Network and Double Click Digital Marketing-the two departments dedicated to online advertising and to the main financial engine will pass from the flash-based ads to HTML 5, until 2017.

Google has set up two highly precise deadlines . On June 30, 2016 Google will stop supporting flash-based advertisements from advertisers.  It will stop displaying flash-based ads across its network advertisements on January 2, 2017.

But don’t rush to uninstall Flash from your computer because eliminating Flash ads won’t affect the video ads. There are online movie sources still using Flash and therefore,  Google expects these websites to change from Flash to HTML until it will include video ads in the next cleaning.

Flash service had large security breaches that could lead to the installation of Trojans in user’s computers. Therefore, for the common internet users, this change offers an increased safety for their computers.

It is heard that Adobe also if finding ways to get rid of Flash as it no longer provides technical support for the application and the new version had its development cancelled last year.

Here are some simple instructions for those who want to move from Flash to HTML 5 on their own initiative, without feeling forced by Google.