The Verge reports that Google is on workstation for months developing a third party keyboard. The keyboard intended for iPhones and iPads will get added with search – centric interface.

Google plans to design the new keyboard differently from the Android ones; retaining gesture – based typing and some other features from the old version. It is known that the iOS  keyboard will have buttons for pictures and GIFs search In the beginning


In the beginning iOS 8 , Apple products and tablets were running on proprietary keyboards. Android developers always have been making use of Third – party keyboards; letting users to have keyboards with features preferred by them. Giving support to such third- party keyboard companies like Swiftkey and Flesky had come up with their own version of iOS keyboards only to get discarded soon for its inefficiency.

A research conducted by the journalist Charles Arthur shows that half of the mobile users in the planet does not google a word in comparison to 1.23 average searches being performed every day on a desktop. Google is here to make people search ‘this thing’ or ‘that thing’ as much as possible. Therefore, it wants to change this ‘not – good – for- Google’ situation among mobile users very badly. The introduction of new keyboard app will make the number of apps on iOS by Google as 65; Google search, maps, Youtube, Gmail and Chrome being a few among them.


Crossing and building up apps for next platform is being widely practised for a few years. Microsoft is a leading example among them. Both Ios and Android phones are benefitted with apps made from Microsoft which also includes a keyboard for Android. Apple’s contribution on cross – planting is Apple Music, their first app for Android phones. Tech World reports that Apple and Google have come to the agreement to run parts of the iCloud on Google Server.