External GPU

The concept of XConnect technology was first introduced last year in the form of Razer Blate Stealth along with Razer core. And now, AMD is into a partnership with Razer and Intel for developing the xConnect technology that will facilitate the pairing of desktop graphics cards to laptops compatible with Thunderbolt 3. This makes AMD the first partner to implement support for these drivers.

Xconnects offers a variety of features. It operates with a large variety of graphic card solutions with most laptops that have a thunderbolt 3 Type-C port. A simple ultrabook, which is based on a high- performance processor and cannot provide high-performance in 3D applications can easily be transformed in a genuine gaming station with this. Xconnect’s Plug and Play connectivity will make it easier to disconnect the graphic at any given time, without having to reboot the operating system.

External GPU

Razer Core, being the first accessory that is compatible with this technology, can accommodate high- end graphic cards in its casing. Hence, access to a wide range of ports for extras, such as for USB 3.O connectors and Gigabit Ethernet is made possible. Razer Core also integrates a 500w power source, which can feed video cards with TDP up to 375W.

Radeon R9 285, R9 290 and 290X cards, all R9 300 models and the new R9 Nano and R9 Fury are recommended by AMD for guaranteed compatibility. It also recommends Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.2 driver to receive the plug and play functionality.

Though Razer Core is compatible with competing graphic cards, the innovative XConnect will be needed to safely disconnect them during the operation.