Apple is all the way ahead to kick out the trio iPhone 7 handsets- iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and The iPhone Pro. The iPhone Pro by Apple includes the dual camera set up for the prime time. The iPhone Pro is believed to mark an important yardstick in Apple’s history as all other iPhone’s have a single camera.

The dual camera is designed in such a way so as to enable the user to capture both still photography and video images enhancing better quality. Though there are some mobile phones available in the market that can take pictures and videos, their clarity is not that good. But a dual camera bestows high definition quality and standards on its imaging.

iphone pro

Obviously, for the past few days, the customers were excited about a piece of news that Apple is going to release iPhone 7 plus with dual camera. Ming Chi Kuo confirms this leak from Apple to be true. And with the acquisition of Lynx imaging in the yesteryear, the company has already surfaced the rumor that  it might introduce the two lens system technology in iPhones. There are two  cameras  of 12 megapixels. One of the lenses has wide field view and optical image stabilization. Other with telephoto lenses with 2×, 3x optical zoom; and uses linx Imaging algorithms to bind together data to make the final product.With dual camera system, the overall quality of the imaging is improved highly.There are also assumptions that Apple will release wireless Earpods with iPhone 7 series handsets.

Finally, Sony’s prediction that smartphones will include dual camera setup is becoming a reality. Just wait a few days more to receive the much awaited new iPhone 7 series.