Cheapest IPad

Apple is known for its amazing products with high-end quality. The assurance of awesomeness with all Apple products comes with a high price tag and this is true of iPads too. Among all products in the market, iPads provide the best tablet PC experience. Nevertheless, they are priced much higher than products of the same kind that are offered by other brands. IPads that cost up to 90,000 INR are available in the Indian market. However, the high-end price range of iPads does not mean they are out of your reach. This article will tell you all that you need to know about the cheapest iPad.

Cheapest iPad in India

The iPad Mini 2 16 GB model is the cheapest iPad available in India. This smart and beautiful model is priced at 21,900 INR. A simple Google search will give a list of websites that are selling the iPad Mini 2 at discounts of up to 18-20% on the product price. This means you can own this model by simply paying 17,900 INR if you are able to get the best discount deal. Moreover, even if the best deal of around 20% discount is not available, this cheapest is still easily available for 19,000 INR on many websites.

The iPad Mini 2 was released in the year 2013 and this is the reason why it is priced so low. As the technology is about 3 years old and there are numerous better models at higher prices to choose from, the price of this model is lesser than other iPads. If you are looking for innovative technology and a lot of memory space, you may not like the iPad Mini2. However, if you are looking for a device for everyday usage such as checking emails, watching movies etc., the iPad Mini2 is a very good choice. With a 7.9-inch retina display, A7 chip, iSight and Facetime HD cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity options, the iPad Mini 2 has everything a casual user will need.

Cheapest IPad

Where to buy Cheapest iPad

The best place to buy the cheapest iPad is through e-commerce websites. These websites not only provide you the best deals available but also secure payments and easy return policies. Even though this model is a little old, it is still easily available in the market because of the amazing reviews and usability.
If you are looking for a higher memory space, you can also go for the iPad Mini 32 GB that comes at the lowest price of 25,750 INR. If you want more updated technology or a bigger screen size and are willing to shell out those extra bucks, you can also opt for the iPad Mini 4 or the iPad Air. Both of these are excellent devices to consider while buying the cheapest iPad.
The iPad is not a device that you will be buying every year. So go through all the technical specifications and details carefully before deciding upon which one you want to buy.