None would ever expect a software development company to mess up with their pivotal production especially when it is security software. But things didn’t work well for AVG’s WebTuneUp extension for Chrome.

The word WebTuneUp gives an impression of websites loading much faster, Browsers exhibiting swift search results i.e. in other words browsing made much easier and simpler than before. But when it came to action-play tables turned. Like many other newly introduced software WebTuneUp descended stairs.

Google and Chrome do provide essential security in browsing. Chrome keeps an eye on suspicious websites where as Google does a thorough scrutiny of its services. AVG gained the confidence and trust of its 9 million users by convincing them to opt WebTuneUp for additional security services. Users took in WebTuneUp as an essential follower in the installation process of antivirus software which are estimated to be used by more than 200 million worldwide.

Google first noticed the inadequacies in protecting the browsing histories and also drawbacks of Chrome in checking malware attacks. AVG was quickly made aware of urging to rectify settings.

As per the observation of Google security engineer Tavis Ormandy they put together a fix and pushed it to the Chrome Web Store.  Initially they failed to assist users vulnerable under immediate attack; later went for a second update following the instructions of Ormandy.

As a close, the issue has been solved giving a soothe notice to Chrome users still holding to WebTuneUp. Meanwhile removing the extension pages would be a wise decision to avoid future troubles.