Former Governor of California and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger might have popularized the Humvee for civilians, but dare I say there is no vehicle on the planet more “Schwarzenegger” than the Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

That’s because it’s essentially a study in Teutonic overload. I mean, look at the thing. Although this 1977 U1300 model only has two doors and for wheels, it is nearly 10 feet tall, weighs more than 9,700 pounds and boasts 17.5 inches of ground clearance. It’s practically screaming, “Come with me if you want to live!”

Does anyone need a nature-squashing machine like this? No, certainly not. Is it perfectly Arnold? Yes, yes indeed it is.


If you, however, feel like you do need a U1300 Unimog owned by the Governator, you can buy it now on eBay for $350,980.

Since this one was owned by the Austrian Oak (a nickname for Arnold I totally didn’t make up), it’s not easy to find comparable cars on the market. That said, I suspect most of the price is derived from the fact that it was held in Arnie’s private car collection.


Either way, it’s a lot to pay for a German 4×4. But if you pay more than a quarter million dollars for this one, you’ve essentially earned the right to drive around Hollywood and shout, “Get to the chopper!” So there’s that.


Via @Mashable