pink iPhone 5se

The latest hot pink iPhone 5se to be introduced by Apple will undoubtedly win over the heart of lady folks. This time apart from the usual colors like standard silver and space grey; customers can look forward to a new form- the pink colored 4 inch iPhone 5se.

The upcoming pink iPhone will sport a much deeper shade of the color, as the rose gold iPhone 6s claims to be the first pink handset of Apple. The pink tint resembles the company brand’s 6th-gen iPod touch or 7th-gen iPod nano. This similarity asserts the earlier speculation that the product would blend in the iphone look with the colors of the iPod Touch line up.

The pink iPhone 5se

The elegant pink iPhone 5se will make its debut in the market alongside with the iPad Air 3 and the new Apple Watch. There’s no surety that the iPhone 5se Gold variant is also unveiling along with the other three, as reported by Apple insider. There are assumptions heating up that the smartphone will be out by March this year with productions gaining momentum.

However, there weren’t any official statement from Apple on the 4-inch phone yet, it’s been calling up by a lot of different names. The ‘se’ stands for special edition; the latest 5 se gives the impression that handset is a direct successor of 5s iPhone. Essentially, one can visualise a unit which will involve the style of the older device but with more modern additions.

The features of 5 se  supposedly include an 8MP rear and 1.2MP front camera setup which is set to support Live Photos, panorama and autofocus for videos. An A8 and M8 processer combo, alongside an NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fiac and VoLTE are other specifications. Keep your wallets ready to order for your new pink iPhone 5se gearing up this March.