3D Touch Home Button

Apple is giving thoughts on introducing 3D Touch Home Button sometimes in future as per a 2013 patent of the company. Thence idea gave way to much discussions and developments finally flagging off a green signal of tremendous changes in days to come. Latest news from the company is that application got passed this week.

Apple didn’t attempt to give a clear picture on this upcoming technology other than naming it as force- sensitive fingerprint sensing input. Experts from the field say that a 3D touch home button is all about creating an additional layer below the Touch ID sensor. It helps to calculate distance and give response depending on the pressure exerted. To put it more clear; a feather touch swipe on home button can unlock iPhones where as a user who intends to open an app may do it by pressing the button deeply.

Another information was thrown by Apple Insider lately. Its about the exertion of similar pressure levels making it possible for a user to view the messages delivered to his phone and reply back instantly by selecting from pre- written texts feeded in the phone. I.e., all three activities – reading, selecting and replying – demand only a same pressure touch. If changes progress rapidly a time and day is not far away when Apple would give its second thought to wipe away home button from iPhones. Thus chances are not lean for the home button to be replaced by a better performing flat surface much sensitive for 3D touch and Touch ID.

3D Touch Home Button Diagram

3D Touch Home Button

The new idea would take much time to be fruitful. If the predictions go right the Tech world will witness iPhone7 embedded with a home button of 3D touch feature. Apple took 3 years or more on this venture. The development, no doubt, can definitely be a trail blazer.

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It shouldn’t be forgotten that Apple has earlier deceived users by claiming fake patents which they never put into reality. Hence all this aura surrounding the idea of blending Touch ID and 3D touch may in effect turn again as ‘one of those’ patents of Apple. Any news on anything related to Apple and its new blending technology we will give our updates swiftly.