Anonymous Apple enthusiast found that Apple has been experimenting using ultra fast, light-based Li-Fi wireless data for the future iDevices. He confirms that he found a reference to Li-Fi in the library cache file alongside other hardware and software capability declarations of the recent version iOS 9.1.


In terms of speed, Li-Fi can be 100X faster than current generation of Wi-Fi. The speed of Li-Fi transfer data theoretically can reach up to 224 Gigabits per second, while the fastest Wi-Fi at this moment can only reach 1.3 Gigabits per second in average. Data is transmitted by modulating a light source, and then received with a light sensor before being reassembled into an electronic signal.

Li-Fi is still in the experimental phase, but a number of companies are working to commercialize the technology. At least India-based Velmenni technologies has already begun real-world testing.

Apple is famous with their initiative technology, for instance, the Thunderbolt technology on Mac, which was new at that time, and only Apple has it. But, then the market responded it well by the present of the compatible device with that port. If the iPhone is equipped with this technology, it means the transfer big data era is about to develop.