Google apps are shown on an Apple iphone 5 in this photo illustration in Encinitas, California, April 16, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Bloomberg comes up with the latest talk in town- Google’s payment to Apple in favor for maintaining the search bar on iPhone. Bloomberg also revealed a copy of court verdict regarding the copyright lawsuit petitioned by Oracle Corp against Google. Its heard that Apple received an amount of $1 billion in 2014 from Google office.

The first and foremost choice always in browsing, Google, the once unit of Alphabet Inc pays Apple a part of turnover it amasses through iPhone. The agreements behind mutual favors have not brought to light so far.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that according to a Google witness this revenue was estimated to be 34% at a given point of time. The official statement of Oracle- Google pretrial last week stresses the same. But the picture isn’t clear regarding the specified percentage of money. Only the concerned officials know whether the spoken revenue is the money kept by Google or that paid to Apple. Adding to the dispute, the court transcript which paved way for the reports of Bloomberg and others was removed from online later.

A recent official notice from Oracle accuses Google for making use of their Java software for the purpose of Android development without making any payment in return. On further court proceedings the Oracle legal assistant stated before court the calculated financial earning through Android since its introduction in 2008 as about $31 billion apart from the huge profit of $22 billion.

As reply Google requested to cover up the crucial information of Android from public.

Both Google and Apple restricted themselves from any further announcements until Friday.