Apple has fallen into the hands of law for causing inconvenience in using iPhone 4S since its upgrade to   iOS9. Apple has been asked for a compensation of $5 million for its deceptive business and advertisement which mislead customers, says AppleInsider. Chaim Lerman filed a Class Action Lawsuit against the company in accordance with the New York General Business Law.

Plaintiff and others faces problems such as poor performance, freezing and crash in iPhone 4S since the update.

“The update degraded the functioning of iPhones and shifted to a passive performance pressing Plaintiff either to use a slow and buggy device that creates troubles in everyday life or to make a choice on another phone spending further money. Compatibility of iOS9 in iPhone 4S had been clearly assured by Apple and they miserably failed to keep the promise on device’s performance “, goes lawsuit.

Introduced in 2012, iOS9 aimed at iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th and iPad 2 which were powered by an Apple A5 processor. The lawsuit reminds Apple similar previous incidents that had occurred when iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 users updated to iOS 4 and iOS 7 respectively.


Further developments are unavailable at the moment and Apple hasn’t come up with an explanation.