Andy Rubin, the celebrated co-founder of Android is back to give people free dashcams to stick in their vehicles.

Rubin left Google in 2014 and co-founded Playground Global. Since then he’s been busy with this venture .Playground Global’s mission is to make it even easier to bring innovative hardware to market.” This free dashcam(that’s not it pictured above, it’s a Gadstone GS3000) could be their first product and it’s said that they have raised more than $350 million in funding for the new dashcams.

The catch: Like so many freebies today (online or otherwise) Rubin’s Playground needs you to hand over all the data that your dashcam collects. It is you- more specifically the images and data you gather with your dashcam the real product although the product appears to be Playground’s camera.

andy rubin dashcam

But what do they do with all these information? Playground is yet to fully disclose their plans . Techies  talk about the possibilities  including a sort of Street View competitor- a real time visual map of the world.

That day is not so far when you will be surrounded by Playground’s free dashcams. Keeping in mind the general apprehension, Rubin says that he “believe[s], in general, that technology is used for good.” Adding that he doesn’t believe in Skynet or any of that stuff, Rubin will put all measures to check his dashcams from being too creepy.