By integrating some tools into our daily lives, we can be more organized and automate some tasks.

You may want to work more to earn more, but if you use the right tool, you could actually earn more and work less! Increasing productivity is beneficial for everyone: businesses, customers and employees. Sometimes these efficiency tools are already right in front of you, and do not require special effort. Other times new organization or the adoption of new tools are required. Here is a selection of software that will make you more efficient.



Wunderlist is an easy list and task management app that allows you to complete your projects. Whatever your purpose (project progress…), Wunderlist allows you to capture, share and complete your lists in an instant. Wunderlist instantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access your lists anywhere.



MixMax is an extension of the Chrome browser that improves Gmail for business use. This tool brings a range of new features, including the ability to track messages, incorporate content such as surveys, choose a custom template or even schedule meetings.


Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise supports various services, including Google or iCloud for syncing calendars. By configuring your Facebook account, you can use it to collect events and birthdays. Sunrise can also manage Google Tasks, Producteev, Asana or Todoist Trello. We should also note there is support for Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Songkick and Eventbright.



As a combination of light weight (minimalist) interface and power (ability to create bots and integrate with third-party software), Slack captured the hearts of developers from Silicon Valley; they are (almost) addicted to working with it. Available in a web version, Slack also offers iOS applications, Android and Windows Phone.



IFTTT (If This Then That) is a kind of assistant created to automate daily tasks between different web services, mobile applications and connected objects: Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Philips Hue, FitBit, MyFox, etc. It will also help you save time on a daily basis.



If you have smartphone Pocket apps’ knowledge, ex-Read It Later, available for iOS and Android, you already know what to expect with this tool whose browser extension is complementary. You can use it to bring items with you that you do not have time to read right away.



Staying all day front of a computer can strain your eyes rapidly. One cause is certainly a lack of breaks, but above all the brightness of your monitor. Even adjusted correctly, it does not accommodate changes in brightness well. Depending on the time, F.lux modifies these settings smoothly so you never have to strain your eyes.